About Us


“Gekos Group” as a leader distribution company with more than 20 years experience on distribution, offering best innovative products from top Brands of Tobacco & Alcohol products to the consumers.
Since more than 15 years is a authorized dealer of Imperial Tobacco offering the brand products (West, Davidoff, Gauloises, Boss and Style) also on authorized dealer for alcoholic brands like Diageo – Guiness UDV ( Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Bailey’s, J&B) also Hennessy & Moet ( Hennessy Cognac, Moet Chandon, Dom Perignon.

With quality work improving

•1999 – Distribution agreement with TOBACNA LJUBLJANA

•2001 – Distribution agreement with IMPERIAL TOBACCO

•2001 – Distribution agreement with DIAGEO

•2014 – Distribution agreement with MEY – YENI RAKI

•2015 – Distribution agreement with ZITO LUX

•2016 – Distribution agreement with BUDWEISER BUDVAR

•2016 – Distribution agreement with CORONA

•2017 – Distribution agreement with LONDON FOX (UK)

GEKOS – Pristina

Authorized importer and distributor for TKS portfolio on the Kosovo market

TKS established its presence on the Kosovo market, with its portfolio (BOSS family and FILTER 57) in 1999 under conditions of unstable political surrounding in theregion and unsettled conditions on the cigarettes market. Since that period, the collaboration between TKS and GEKOS succeeded according to the principle of wholesale, dates, under conditions of presence of intensive activity of the competition on behalf of the international companies, to create pre-requisites for development of TKS business in Kosovo, in compliance with the criteria of volume and presence of brands.

The establishment of legal pre-requisities of GEKOS were made on 2001 with location Pristina

On the basis of the strategy for development of the firm in compliance with the modern world standards, Gekos manages to establish internal high level professional staff members in all relevant segments on the sectors it covers all this done for a relatively short period of time. Sales, Finances, Analysis and Marketing. The staff members employed in Gekos at the momen, depending on the activities of each individual, there are efforts for their education and promotion, so as to be able to follow the realization of the Distribution Development strategy properly.

In a context of the basic activity of the company – distribution, there are two systems in function:

1.Wholesale from the two central storagehouses in Prishtina and Ferizaj (sale from warehouse and direct distribution to the wholesalers with organized transport vehicles); and

2.Direct distribution system to the retail network. In order to ensure presence of distributed brands on the Kosovo market, Gekos is the only company in Kosovo to develop the regional concept through registration of offices and warehouses in the biggest regional centers: Prishtina, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Prizren, Gjakova and Peja. Depending on the number of retail points according to regions, there are 13 direct distribution employees with the exact number of branded vehicles (which are planned to increase due to expanded market), these DD have preset daily route plans according to the retail market coverage the sale activities from vehicles and the marketing activities at the these customers.

The system for planning and report analyses is implemented and follows the created reporting system, which continually develops in all segments.

The current established business quality strategy of Gekos, gives positive results regarding the sale volume after the successful launch of the West family in October 2002 and the already present BOSS family and FILTER 57, and reached 12% market coverage and presence of TKS brands (averagely over 85%) on the whole market. These results are a motivation for us development on the future.

The permanent increase in the volume and the brand presence percentage, is certainly affected by the engagement of the Gekos Marketing Sector in the realization of the TKS strategy in the marketing segments and trade-marketing support of distributed brands.

Gekos confirms its successful operation with the collaboration on a level of exclusive contract on the Kosovo market with one of the major world companies for production and sale of alcoholic drinks DIAGEO, whose portfolio includes the world most famous brands: Johnny Walker, Smirnoff, J&B, which at the moment cover 60% of the market, and according to the producer’s criteria, Gekos is one of the most successful local distributor companies.

Gekos is a company with great potential and ambitions for future to develop on basis of highly-professional organized level on distribution sector with strategic plans on covering all kind of products:

1.The leading distribution company on the Kosovo market according to the brands sales (following the Brands distribution towards broadening the portfolio in all quality segments) and professionalism in distribution;

2.Permanent distribution system development in compliance with the distribution principles, from which it expects a future know-how support;

3.Continual loyal operation and financial solvency.